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Facilities List: 


      Everlast 255 EXT (AC/DC) 255 AMP

      Lincoln Electric SquareWave 200


      Miller Electric Millermattic 255 w/Pulse 

Material Cutting/Shaping 

      Grizzly Industrial 9x16 Horizontal Bandsaw

      Grizzly Industrial 6x48 Belt Sander 

      Grizzly Industrial 48" Sheet Metal Brake

Mandrel Tube Bending 

      Rogue Fabrication M600 Mandrel Bender


      ProArc Weld Positioner

      4'x10' Flat Fixture Table

      14'x6' Chassis Jig

      3'x4' Production Fixture Table

Welcome to the Whitefish Heliarc shop.

Built in 2019 to compliment our on-site operations and increasing our production capacity, the 26' x 30' shop is located in Whitefish MT. and allows our team to be able to focus on in house projects. 

Continually investing in our success is critical in our companies development and beneficial our customers who choose our organization as their trusted partner for precision welding and fabrication.

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(619) 251 5861 

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Whitefish Heliarc, Whitefish MT.

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