Key Projects

Glacier National Park: Whitefish Heliarc was selected to provide over 40 pieces of unique 16 gauge 304 stainless steel to cover the existing chalet kitchen fixtures making the commercial kitchen code compliant.

In 2017, Glacier National Park was devastated by the Sprague Creek wild fire that claimed Sperry Chalet, built in 1904. The chalet is considered a National Heritage Site.

The out building which serves as the commercial kitchen was spared. To preserve the historic fabric, Whitefish Heliarc was contracted to clad the existing wood with code compliant stainless steel 

All equipment was flown in via helicopter by cargo drop and would only contain the tools, equipment and supplies that were carefully planned for and made their way on one of the inbound flights. 


Our team hiked in from Lake McDonald Lodge three times over the course of the project.


Starting at the Sperry Trailhead the route lasts 6.7 miles and gains 3200' in elevation. Its roughly a five hour hike and takes you deep into the parks backcountry.

Our initial visit in July of 2019 to the Sperry Chalet was for discovery. We took measurements, learned what was and was not considered historical fabric (items original to the structure and critical to its history) discussed logistics/critical pre-planning and more about the significance of the chalet itself. 

Returning in August and understanding that we would not have any re-do or major material corrections we once again hiked into the chalet to take a dimensional re-check.

Over the course of the winter the team started the planning phase of the project. Shop drawings were developed, equipment was delivered and materials were being ordered.

In late June we finished the welding and fabricating operations.  

In July we packed up two large shipping boxes to be flown in with everything needed to install the stainless steel. The team took another hike up the mountain to meet the materials for the installation. 

Working with the Sperry Chalet staff was seamless and the preplanning allowed for a project that only needed minor trimming for fit.

All power tools used along with our mobile welding set up was powered by a generator on site. After the team completed installation we made our way off the mountain with our tools and equipment being hauled out with pack horses.

This amazing opportunity will serve as a cornerstone project for our team.