If you're a first generation NASCAR driver/team owner and still a teenager, welding and fabrication is a valuable skillset to have. Costly repairs are inevitable and professional chassis repair services aren't usually at your disposal. Out of necessity a career path was discovered.

Growing up in Connecticut Matt was fortunate to be the grandson of men who knew what it meant to have to make things from raw materials and keeping the gears turning as their only option. Welding may have not been aerospace machining or driving big rigs, but it was a means to getting the job done. 

A US Navy Veteran with over 5 years experience as an inspector and 15 years as a welder/ fabricator, Whitefish Heliarc was born out of desire to be a respected company in the community, serving with knowledge, experience and qualification. 


One of the foundations that we believe in at Whitefish Heliarc is far and above any other is education. The welding industry is a lifelong mastery and those who start early and pursue diligently deserve to be rewarded.

Keanan Janus is a great example of someone who has achieved the most sought-after certifications and positions in this industry. Pair that with a work ethic that has become a rare character trait and you will see what this company demands from its partners and offers for our clients.

A native of Michigan whose interest in the welding industry started in high school, Keanan became a CWI in early 2016 and has never looked back, quite the opposite actually. Keanan brings his experience to our organization as a college level welding technology instructor and continues today passing his extensive knowledge forward. Along with instructing Keanan has an impressive resume that's only going to continue to grow.

(AWS/CWI) Sr. Partner  
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