On-Site Repair 

Whitefish Heliarc is optimized for on-site sanitary repairs at your facility, shortening costly down time and eliminating extra costs of moving equipment and machinery for off site for repair.


Whitefish Heliarc follows the guidance of the American Welding Society Standard D18.1 Specification for Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe Systems in Sanitary (Hygienic) Applications, on all of our sanitary piping fabrication and repair.


The properties of Stainless Steel present unique challenges and characteristics when welding and fabricating. Whitefish Heliarc is your professional source for Stainless Steel fabrication. Our professional team brings over 30 years experience to our clients.


System modifications, retro-fits or additions to existing systems, Whitefish Heliarc can accomplish professional Stainless Steel solutions to achieve the capabilities you need out of your systems and equipment.

Light Structural

Whitefish Heliarc is a code compliant welding company. For structural fabrication, whether dictated by code requirements or not Whitefish Heliarc follows the guidance of the American Welding Society. Our stainless steel structural fabrications consider the D1.6 Structural Welding (Stainless Steel).

Material Marking

Cougartron's MK12 marking machine has increased Whitefish Heliarc's capabilities, allowing us to not only professionally brand our work but apply your logo to high visibility metal goods. The MK12 uses an electrochemical process that will apply logos, part numbers and QR Codes to your products. 

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