Sanitary TIG

Various Craft Distributors:  Whitefish Heliarc was founded on the belief that we could best serve our local brewery and distillery operations with code compliant stainless steel piping repairs, structural fabrications and modifications.

The area was starved for a team of knowledgeable, motivated and qualified TIG welders with backgrounds that could provide the best service while ensuring that what our team worked on, met the strict requirements and accepted practices of the American Welding Society.

We have gained a strong reputation to be the team that can perform onsite code compliant repairs and precision fabrications for our local craft distributors.


AWS D18.1/D18.1M:2009, Specification for Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe Systems in Sanitary (Hygienic) Applications

Sperry Chalet Rebuild

Glacier National Park: Whitefish Heliarc was selected to provide over 40 pieces of unique 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel to cover the existing chalet kitchen fixtures making the commercial kitchen code compliant.

In 2017, Glacier National Park was devastated by the Sprague Creek wild fire that claimed Sperry Chalet, built in 1904. The chalet is considered a National Heritage Site.

The out building which serves as the commercial kitchen was spared. To preserve the historic fabric, Whitefish Heliarc was contracted to clad the existing wood with code compliant stainless steel.


 Sheet Metal/Thin

Sheet metal: The American Welding Society D1.3 defines any material that measures 3/16" [5mm] or less as sheet metal.

Whitefish Heliarc has demonstrated competency working with thin material and sheet metal. We understand the workmanship requirements, along with code and industry standards to accomplish these types of projects. 

Our organization frequently faces the challenges of thin material in sheet form, tubing and high tolerance machined parts, we have the equipment, skill and tooling to accomplish this type of work with precision. 



Mandrel Bending

Mandrel Tube Bending:  Whitefish Heliarc unique capabilities list is continually growing. One of our most impressive pieces of equipment is our current model Rogue Fabrication M600 Mandrel Tube Bender.

Mandrel Tube Bending advantage lies in its ability to apply complex bends in thin wall tubing with a less than 3% deformation rate. 

A low deformation rate produces a bent tubing with less obvious transition vs. crush bent tubing. For sanitary piping this allows us to fabricate pipe runs eliminating the need of welded transitions creating less risk for contamination. For safety rail it provides a smooth appearing rail that has no obvious "step" at the area of bend, creating and aesthetically pleasing and required value added item to your property.



Code Compliant Structural: Our team brings the ability to construct and install code compliant structural steel applications that follow both industry standard and engineer approval.

Collectively Whitefish Heliarc has a team with over 40 years of specific experience building and fabricating stainless steel frames, commercial use structural, military and aerospace components.


We follow the American Welding Society codes and standards and have the ability to work within local and federal building codes.


Whitefish Heliarc is your source for code welding and fabrication. 




Production Capabilities:  Our shop has the capacity to take on prototype work and fully capable to accept production runs.

Whitefish Heliarc is constantly reinvesting in its capacity and capabilites, acquiring new equipment from the industries leading partners and suppliers.

Our 4'x10' fixturing table allows for producing tight tolerance fabrications and repeatable parts. 

Our TIG/MIG machines are supplied by Miller Electric and Everlast Generators. 



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